Institute of Vehicle Propulsion Systems


Reducing the CO2 and exhaust emissions of a diesel engine by using regenerative fuels in a dual-fuel combustion process.

The main part of the energy required here comes from the biofuel, while diesel is only used in very small quantities as an ignition source. A second exhaust valve lift in the intake cycle ("second event") is intended to reduce CO and CH4 emissions within the engine.

Ethanol, methane and LPG are used as biofuels.

Expected effect on particle emission:

Furthermore, the use of methane, for example, promises to reduce particulate emissions.

Research scope and hardware:

Both the introduction of biofuels through intake manifold injection and, in the case of LPG and ethanol, premixing with diesel for direct injection into the combustion chamber will be investigated. The investigations will be carried out on a modified 4.5 litre four cylinder engine from John Deere. The engine was equipped with a mechanical fully variable valve train with two overhead camshafts.



Funded by:

Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture based on a resolution of the German Parliament.


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